Medical Cover

Have you ever thought about what would happen to your family, career and financial situation if you had an unexpected illness?

Our experience shows that long–term illness may have serious financial and social consequences. Your health is our first priority. Advising you on health and wellbeing. We want to make sure that our members with special needs are not excluded in any way.

International Healtcare

Making good care of you wherever you are

Whether you are in your home country or living and working abroad, it is important to make you're your health is taken care of. Healthcare requirements differ from country to country and everyone has individual needs. This is why your healthcare coverage plan allows you the flexibility of tailoring your own's.


Children are born into the your healthcare membership automatically get full coverage without any medical underwriting

Newborn babies are covered from birth, irrespective of their state of health. Two children under ten years of age per paying adult are covered free of charge.

7/24 Helpline

Our professional in-house Medical Centre, careful and service minded consultants are ready to assist you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and several of our own our own medical consultants are always on duty

Assistance in case of illness and emergency –including arrangement of medical evacuations.
Assistance in practical matters related to a hospitalisation.
Guidance when finding the right place of treatment.
Counselling on treatments.
Medical advice.
Advice on health, security and vaccinations.
Access to national and international networks of doctors, clinics, ambulance companies, hospitals, etc.

We are among the believers of no frontiers in today's globalization.

We believe that the people should be requiring high quality healthcare wherever they are in the world and feeling secure whatever their circumstances are.

What makes it unique is that it doesn't restrict you to treatment in one country. It facilitates quick access to private healthcare all over the world, regardless of how healthcare practices may vary from place to place. Wherever you are, it ensures geography won't ever get in the way of you getting better.