Global Healthcare Coverage

ITAL works as a intermediary of BUPA GROUP companies in healthcare sector.

The Bupa group help millions of people around the world to live longer, healthier and more productive lives. As a group, BUPA has been looking after the healthcare needs of individuals and businesses for over 60 years and in that time the group has grown to become a truly global company with over 15 million members. BUPA has offices in the UK, Hong Kong, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, India, USA, Australia, Denmark, Egypt, France and Spain and work with an impressive network of intermediaries and business partners all over the world. The passion for quality and customer satisfaction has made the BUPA name synonymous with great healthcare.

As a provident association, BUPA no shareholders to pay, which means that BUPA profits can be reinvested back into the business.

BUPA now one of the world's leading internatonal healthcare providers with a customer base spanning 190 countries, a network of over 7.500 hospitals and access to over 200.000 medical providers worlwide.

The BUPA brand, was recently voted a "Superbrand" by the UK Superbrand Council and is synonymous with high quality private healthcare.

ITAL helps to tailor your healthcare plan in BUPA's porfolios.